New AI Institute to open at TU/e

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The Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute (EAISI) should become the Artificial Intelligence hotspot in town. It officially kicks off during the TU/e academic year opening.

Carlo van de Weijer is EAISI’s Director. “Artificial Intelligence is, for example, when Google guesses your search after three words. Or Spotify suggests songs you may like based on what you have been listening to. But now AI is also used in computers. Computers that produce a great deal of data and then do something with it”.

This is a development many companies in the region need. Since the announcement of the AI centre at the TU/e, Van de Weijer claims to have had more invitations for coffee than he can drink. But the technology is important. “Look at ASML, for example. With the data, their machines can predict when they need maintenance or when they may break down. That is crucial because their machines should never stop running”.

Artificial Intelligence is already widely used at the TU/e. It is used by self-propelled cars. However, football and care robots use it too. And now all that knowledge and skills will be bundled together. So, the university is fully committed. AI is hip, but it is also something that is here to stay, the TU/e expects.

The university itself has invested EUR1 million. Fifty scientists are needed. The vacancies are already online.


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