Fontys awards ‘Think Bigger’ prizes

Photo credit: Fontys (Studio040)

Tim Gerbrands and Melissa Verdel have won the Fontys Denk Groter (Think Bigger) Prize. These were awarded to the employee and student at Monday’s annual ceremony.

Each year, at the opening of the new academic year, the Executive Board awards the Fontys Denk Groter Prijs to an employee and a student. Their findings or contributions that are of social importance, are original, and testify to entrepreneurship are awarded.

Gerbrands works at the Fontys Paramedische Hogeschool Eindhoven (Fontys Paramedic High School). He was awarded for his device called the ShoQR. It measures shock absorption. The instrument makes it possible to measure what effect certain support structures have on the body, outside of a laboratory. These include footwear, braces and, prostheses.

Mouth Game

Melissa won the students’ prize. Melissa is a student at the same Fontys Paramedische Hogeschool. She won the award for her project called Mouth Game. That is a combination of a denture and a game app. It makes it easier to treat children using OMFO or Oro Myo Fyunctionele Therapie (Oral Myofunctional Therapy).

OMFT aims to restore an imbalance in the functioning of the muscles around the mouth. These are called Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (OMDs). OMDs may affect, among other things, chewing, swallowing, and speech.

Many children lack the patience and motivation for this treatment. This combination of using the false teeth and the app allows children to practice the therapy in a playful way. It makes the exercises more fun for the children.


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