Fitcoins for a healthier Eindhoven

Image credit: Pixabay

Albert Heijn Strijp is launching a project to improve the lifestyle of around 5.000 people in Eindhoven. This project is in collaboration with the Eindhoven Vitaal Foundation.

With this goal in mind, the Fitcoin project was conceived. Residents can earn virtual coins through a smartphone app by walking and cycling. They can also earn coins by participating in healthy and social activities in the neighbourhood.

They can later return the Fitcoins to Albert Heijn Strijp for healthy, fresh fruit and vegetable packages.

On 23 September at 17:45, the first package will be festively presented at the Albert Heijn in Strijp to Tonjo van Hout. Tonja is one of the project’s very first participants.


Translator: Chaitali

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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