Injured fox put down

Photo credit: Dierenambulance (Studio040)

Things did not turn out well for a fox found last weekend in the forest near Eindhoven.

The animal was lying in the woods with a shattered leg. Flies were swarming around him, and when the Brabant Zuid-Oost dierenambulance (animal ambulance) rescue workers came closer, the fox did not run away.

A veterinarian examined the young animal and discovered the broken leg. According to the care workers, the only option left was to put him to sleep. “Fortunately, this fox was discovered, and we were called. Thit way at least his suffering was shortened”, writes the dierenambulance on Facebook.

Calls about a fox

“Over the weekend, we received several reports about a young fox. It was all alone in the bushes between Eindhoven and Nuenen”, reads the post. “It did not run off when approached, but the flies could not get enough of him.”

“After some searching and thanks to the instructions of the various people who saw him, Laurens and Mark located the fox. And no, he was not well. At the vet, it was found that one of his legs was not only broken but crushed.”

“Unfortunately, putting him down was the only option at that time. Luckily, this fox was discovered and the people who found him, called, so at least the suffering of this animal’s suffering was shortened,” the dierenambulance wrote.


Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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