Eindhoven to test 5G network

Photo credit: Studio040

Eindhoven will be one of the first cities in the Netherlands to test out the mobile 5G network. The Municipality has made deals with VodafoneZiggo and Ericsson for this purpose.

There will be several test locations in the city. This network is not to be rolled out extensively yet. This makes Eindhoven a pioneer, as only a limited number of cities have experimented with this.

The 5G network is the current 4G’s successor. There are several benefits to consumers and business. These include even faster speeds, a higher network capacity, and the possibility of connecting even more devices at once. To make this test possible, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate have temporarily allocated frequency space.

Must use 3,5 GHz frequency

In principle, everyone can benefit from this test which is going to start later in the year. Residents, students, startups, and business owners can make use of the 5G network at the allocated sites. However, they must be using the 3,5 Gigahertz frequency needed for this.

“As a high-tech city, we are convinced 5G technology will make a valuable contribution to our society,” says Stijn Steenbakkers. He is the Eindhoven Councillor for Economy, Brainport, Education, and Innovation. “This is why we voiced our ambition of a regional-wide 5G pilot project to the National Government in the Brainport National Action Agenda.”

“We are pleased that the parties involved have shown so much enthusiasm for these social innovations. However, for us as a municipality, our residents’ wellbeing is always at the forefront. We have, therefore, asked those involved to pay attention to the concerns and questions regarding its effect on the community and people’s health.”

5G for ambulances, music concerts

Catharina Hospital is one of the places that has already indicated that they would like to make use of this 5G test frequency. With fast 5G connections during journeys of an ambulance, the hospital can offer “remote assistance”. The staff at the hospital can help diagnose and prepare the patient for treatment. The High Tech Campus is also a test location. There, companies will use this ultra-fast connection when testing all kinds of innovative prototypes.

At the Philips Stadium, the performance of football players will be tested. This will be done from a self-chosen field of vision with 5G-360-degree cameras. And for the Eindhoven music venue, Effenaar, there are plans for people to be able to virtually attend a pop concert ‘live’, with the help of the 5G technology

This 5G test comes as a result of the Brainport Action Agenda. This agenda is a group of action plans designed to strengthen the business climate of the high-tech Eindhoven region.

Source: Studio040 and the Eindhoven City Council

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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