Airforce to take over Airbase

Photo credit: Studio040

This week, the Eindhoven Airbase will play host to the Dutch Air Force. From today (Monday) until Friday, training, dubbed ‘Orange Bull’ will be held there.

During this time, two C-130 Hercules’ will do three flights per day. Eindhoven is the home Air Base, but flights will also be done from three other Dutch and one Belgian air base.

The Eindhoven Airbase’s operational unit, the 336 Blackbulls Squadron, will also do tactical training during Orange Bull. This training will consist of low altitude flying, para drops and other tactical skill training.

The area between Eindhoven Airbase and the other Dutch airbases taking part in this training exercise is a low altitude flying zone. During the day, planes are allowed to fly to a maximum height of 100m. At night, this is slightly higher – 200 meters. Then the pilots will fly using night vision equipment.

Tactical Air Land Operations

Tactical Air Land Operations will also be practised. Pilots will train to make special landings in order to surprise the enemy. A hundred troops will parachute from the planes during the bay, as well as at night too.

Container Delivery System drops will also be done. Here, containers weighing up to a ton will be dropped from the planes, using parachutes.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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