Eindhoven Engine programme to Kick-Off

Photo credit: Eindhoven Engine - Maarten Steinbuch

Eindhoven Engine wants to speed up innovation in the Brainport region.

To this end, they have had a series of four roadshows, starting on 14 March. These two-hour sessions were used to present the Eindhoven Engine programme. The organisers also explained what it takes to define a new Eindhoven Engine project proposal for the Open Call 2019.

Included were details of the financial and legal aspects of the programme as well as student involvement and the actual co-location in Eindhoven Engine’s Multimedia pavilion at TU/e Campus.

Kick-Off event

These information sessions will culminate in the Kick-Off on 15 April at the TU/e. Teams of the region’s most talented researchers from industry and knowledge institutes and students are joining hands. They will work together in the Eindhoven Engine research programs to deliver breakthrough technological solutions.

At the Kick-Off, guests will be introduced to the Eindhoven Engine’s activities. They will also receive insights into what the future holds. People will be able to meet some of the partners, projects and student teams that will be active in Eindhoven Engine at the Tech Fair.

The Kick-Off programme will run from 15:00 and end with drinks and a Tech Fair. It is a joint effort of the Eindhoven Engine and TU/e Innovation Lab: Where Science Meets Business. It will be held at the TU/e’s Blauwe Zaal Auditorium. If you would like to attend, register here.

Source: Eindhoven Engine

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