Eindhoven second most unsafe Dutch city

Mayor John Jorritsma is horrified. His Eindhoven comes second in the AD’s list Misdaadmeter.

The Dutch newspaper’s Misdaadmeter ranks Dutch cities where life is unsafe, dangerous, most criminalised. Amsterdam leads; but noticing Eindhoven in second place will please no Eindhoven inhabitant.

It is one of those lists where cities and towns want to be among the last. Yet year after year, Eindhoven is among the most unsafe municipalities in the Netherlands. This year, Eindhoven moved higher on the list yet again.

“A dubious honour, and no longer explainable to society” tweeted Eindhoven’s mayor in Dutch. At the start of last week, the mayor already sounded the alarm bell about security in his city. According to him, police and municipality lack money and manpower to deal with all problems.

The reason Eindhoven rose on the national list: an increase in robberies. The number of robberies doubled. It went from twenty in 2017, to forty in 2018.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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