Carnival at Lampegat: float of Brassers wins

Photo credit: Studio040

Carnival group “de Brassers” from Veldhoven won the annual carnival parade at Lampegat with their float, Saturday. Lampegat (light-bulb hole) is of course better known as Eindhoven, when this city is not celebrating Dutch carnival.

The theme of the winning float was “teamverband“. This Dutch word may refer to (team-) sport, cooperation and working together, as well as bandages and nursing. Other floats which scored high were “Volkoren” (wholemeal) and “Speed Date”.

Teams which work on carnival floats for traditional annual parades, take weeks if not months to put together a striking and interesting display referring to news topics. At Lampegat, public and teams were lucky: the parade took place as usual.

Many towns which scheduled traditional events and activities for today, Monday, had either to cancel or postpone these. Dutch KNMI issued a Code Yellow for the whole country today due to the bad weather and this weather-warning is still in place.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate


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