MMC is going to use innovative tube in eye against pressure on eyeball

Photo credit: Studio040/Collin Beijk

The Maxima Medical Center will use a new treatment method for glaucoma.

Glaucoma is one of the five most common chronic eye conditions in people over forty years of age. Due to fluid there is too much pressure on the optic nerve and as a result causes damage to the connection between the eye and the brain. The view at the edges of the image slowly fades over time. It looks like you are looking through an increasingly smaller tube.

Eye pressure
The ophthalmologists of the hospital will place a small plastic tube in the eye so that the eye pressure is reduced. That small tube ensures the moisture drainage.

Patients must now use eye drops all their lives, but not everyone can do that themselves. If the eye drops do not work, patients often undergo laser treatments or a drastic eye operation.

Source: Studio040

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