Dressing room football club Unitas in Eindhoven robbed empty

Photo credit: Studio040

During a football match on the Unitas premises in Eindhoven, a dressing room was robbed empty.

The players of RKSV Heeze had their stuff there. They were playing against Venray at that time. This happened on the Unitas premises. On the surveillance cameras you can see how two young men tactically broke in. One was waiting outside while the other stole shoes and clothes.


According to Herman Matheij, chairman of Unitas, it is a terrible thing. ” Of course it happened before, but this time it was really a big robbery. “According to him, ‘opportunity makes the thief’, the dressing rooms are open and thus easily accessible.

All valuables were in a bag that was on the field. ‘Fortunately’, only clothing has been stolen. According to Matheij, a solution would be a lock on the door. “But that can sometimes become difficult when it is very busy.”

Source: Studio040

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