Council supports new conference centre

Photo credit: Studio040/Collin Beijk

In the coming period, momentum will be created to make the arrival of a new conference centre in Eindhoven possible.

Companies that are interested can register with the Municipality, a spokeswoman confirms. If it were up to the Municipality, within a few years, a new centre would be constructed. After all, the centre is important for the business climate of the fast-growing Eindhoven high-tech region. The City Council would like to contribute to ideas from the business community.

According to Councillor Stijn Steenbakkers, there is great need from the regional business community for a new conference hall. Especially now that the Beursgebouw (Exhibition Centre) has announced, it will be closing its doors at the end of the year. It is also not clear what exactly is going to happen with Evoluon.

So, the ball is now primarily in the business community and investors’ court, who see opportunities in this. What does help, is that there is a starting budget of EUR10 million. This money comes from the National Government. It is part of the Region Deal to strengthen the business climate of the Brainport Region.

Where the convention centre should be built, is not clear. Steenbakkers mentions a number of potential sites such as Fellenoord, the High Tech Campus, the TU/e grounds, and Eindhoven Airport.


Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Melinda

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