Aquabest: drowned person found

A body was found at Aquabest, early Monday morning. Aquabest’s owners noticed someone lying in the water. They immediately warned emergency services.

The body was removed from the water, using a small boat. Not much is known at the moment.

It remains unclear who the drowned person is and how the man ended up in the water.

A canoe was also recovered, floating on the water. The canoe should have been tied up.

It remains unclear if floating canoe and drowned person are linked. Police is still investigating.

Man drowned in Dommel

In an unrelated incident in Eindhoven, a dead man was recovered from the Dommel. This happened during the weekend. Eindhovens Dagblad reported this and stated police is not thinking of a crime.

The body was identified as a 49-year-old man from Hungary. Police think this may have been an accident or even suicide. Perhaps the man who was known to wander through town, suffered a heart-attack.

The body was found near the Van Abbemuseum. Over the past few years, several bodies were found here.


– Studio 040 Aquabest
– Studio 040 Dommel

Translator: Kate

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