Blixembosch Family Carnival

At Blixembosch, its special family carnival party continuous to increase in size. More and more inhabitants who originate from Poland and India, attend this special Eindhoven family event.

The next Blixembosch Family Carnival will take place in two weeks time. This special party has become a tradition. This event already took place twelve times.

Its organizers point out this special family event has become an international event. Plenty families from Poland and India now join in the fun. “ASML with its many international employees has an impact on our carnival party. Our event brings people together”, explains organiser Wil van de Molengraft.

Last year, the party at Blixembosch attracted over 900 visitors. The party takes place at the the community centre VTA Blixems, along Ouverture. The fun starts Sunday afternoon, 3 March 2019.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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