A design museum in Eindhoven?

Photo credit: Studio040

Chris Sigaloff is to investigate whether opening a design museum in Eindhoven is feasible.

This was reported by the local news outlet, Omroep Brabant. The investigation will be led by Chris Sigaloff, a Dutch expert in design and innovation in the public sector. She will determine not only whether opening a museum of this kind would be feasible, but also what form it could take.

There have been talks of a possible design museum in Eindhoven for some time. The Evoluon was mentioned as one possible venue, but until now this has not materialised.

There is a lot of time pressure on Sigaloff’s assignment, as a definite decision must be submitted to Eindhoven City Council within a few months.

Source: studio040.nl 

Translator: Rachael

Editor: Melinda

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