D66 wants a car-free Eindhoven

Photo credit: Studi040/Alain Heeren

The D66 (Democrats) has urged the Eindhoven City Council to switch to a car-free town as soon as possible.

Eindhoven should follow Utrecht’s example. The Utrecht City Council aims to have fewer parking spaces in their city centre. The usage of cars is discouraged, and dozens of parking spaces have disappeared from the historic city centre.

The D66 wants to know from the Eindhoven Municipality what measures are being taken in order to switch to a car-free city. They also want to know what the goals are for the area. For example, what specific plans are there to replace car parking spaces with green space?


In Zurich, if a parking space is added elsewhere in the city, a parking space in the city centre disappears. This has been a rule since 1996. Since then, more car-free zones and underground parking spaces have been created.

Finally, the D66-group wants a city that is attractive to cyclists. The party wants to know if there are plans to increase the number of bicycle parking facilities in Eindhoven.

Source : www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Melinda

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