Flying Pins prepared for winter

The weather may be mild; some are ready for a cold spell. Artwork “Flying Pins” at the John F. Kennedylaan in Eindhoven, for instance: some pins are sporting scarves and one a large beanie.

Responsible are a group of friends fond of knitting. They met at Bisschop Bekkers College and decided to ensure the flying pins will survive cold, snow, frost and worse.


They took their knitting needles, plenty fabric and created a mega-beanie for the rather large head and a scarve for the rather slender neck of one of the cones.

More scarves have now been draped around the neck of the same cone. Another only got one scarf. Plenty pins seem tough though: no hats, no scarves.

Hot chocolate for the bowling ball is also missing.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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