New Year, new course for Eindhoven’s mayor and aldermen?

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Erik van Roon, chairman of the Dutch “Stichting Reanimatie Onderwijs Zuidoost Brabant” thinks Eindhoven’s mayor and aldermen should attend a resuscitation course in 2019.

One and a half years ago, a group of thousand people attended a resuscitation course at the Philips Stadium. Alderman Yasin Torunoglu made a promise, sealed with a handshake, the city council would attend such a course as well. So far, this promise was not kept.


In a letter to the College van B&W, the Dutch abbreviation for mayor and aldermen, van Roon writes he keeps being fobbed off with excuses. He states these range from “no time”, “too busy”, “elections”, “full diary”, “overflowing schedules” and similar ones.


He ends his letter to B&W with a message “Let’s start 2019 in a positive manner: attend a three-hour course which teaches people how to save lives. The more people are able to do this, the higher survival rates will become. If saving lives is not worth an effort; what is?”

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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