Eindhoven D66 board steps down

Photo credit: Studio040

The complete board of Eindhoven’s D66 party resigned. D66 is a Dutch social-liberal political party which participates in national as well as provincial and local elections. Its name originates from the year in which it was founded.

Eindhovens Dagblad published the news about the Eindhoven D66 board’s resignation during the weekend. It reported D66 board member Mark van Glabbeek published this news on his Facebook page.

When the paper contacted van Glabbeek, he refused to elaborate. So the reason why all board members resigned remains a mystery. By now, Dutch paper NRC as well as local media have reported the mysterious resignation as well.

It seems the complete board stood down during a members’ meeting on Saturday morning. During the meeting, the municipal election results were going to be evaluated. All seven board members resigned during this meeting.

The board itself refuses to answer questions. It refers all media and those having questions to regional chairman Bas Werker. He states he first intends to discuss matters with his party members.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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