Passengers grumble about chaos

Photo credit: Studio040/Ivan Brakel

Many passengers grumble about how Eindhoven airport dealt with Sunday’s problems. Many mention the uncertainty around departure times. Another topic is the uncertainty about sleeping places.

As mentioned in our previous article, dense fog forced the airport to close down to all air traffic. This meant no planes could land nor depart, during Sunday afternoon and evening.

Some flights were diverted to other airports. Passengers were brought to the Netherlands by bus. In Eindhoven, hundreds of stranded passengers were forced to find a place to sleep.

The whole situation resulted in a lot of uncertainty for passengers. Among them, Brazilian Daniel Oliveira. Until nearly midnight Sunday evening, he had no idea what was going to happen. “Only late in the evening I received an e-mail from Ryanair, that my flight would leave in the morning. Eventually I got a bed, so I could catch some sleep.”

Sara Jimenez stated, she and her company were sent from one place to the next. There were huge crowds. “At a certain moment, we were not allowed to enter because of the number of waiting passengers. We were allowed to go out. But outside, a lot of people suffered from the cold”. Jimenez and her companions had to wait a long time, before eventually being told to go to a hotel.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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