Ryanair staff preparing for actions

Sunday, an ultimatum unions had sent to Ryanair expired.

Ryanair staff at Eindhoven Airport now plans to take action. They protest against the closure of the Ryanair base at Eindhoven Airport.

Unions had sent the Irish airline an ultimatum. Now this ultimatum expired, a committee is being organized to prepare actions. It is still unclear what kind of actions will be taken.

Last Monday, the Irish budget-airline announced it will close its base at Eindhoven Airport per 5th of November 2018. According to Ryanair, this closure would be just for the winter months. Unions and staff are not so sure.

Ryanair announced its four aircraft, will leave Eindhoven Airport. Flights to and from Eindhoven Airport will be operated from other airports. Cabin crew stationed in Eindhoven is angry about these plans. The Dutch union FNV Luchtvaart finds Ryanair’s plans also unacceptable.

In recent months, Ryanair personnel in various countries participated in actions and strikes. The Irish price fighter said that these actions are the reason for the winter closure of its Eindhoven base.

According to Eindhoven Airport, the closure will cost around 100 to 150 jobs.

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  1. My Daughter (who will remain unnamed) turned 18 this year and started her dream job working as cabin crew for Ryanair. Having been given less than 24 hours notice she headed out for 6 weeks unpaid training. Yes she was paid 28 Euro per working day for substinance but 140 euros per week doesn’t go far when staying in a hotel funded by my daughter’s savings.

    Having passed the training with flying coloure, my daughter was actually highlighted as one of the stars of the 30 strong training group by the instructor, she was posted in the lovely city of Eindhoven. A few struggles to organise her BSN and to get her to Dublin to open an Irish bank account meant that the bank of mum and dad has had to support her for a further 10-12 weeks s she still has not been paid. Despite this she was loving life living in Eindhoven, flying the world in her dream job.

    On 4 October she was summoned to fly to Dublin on 9 October for a meeting with HR of Crewlink Ireland Ltd only to be handed a letter stating she has had her contract terminated with immediate effect and to return all Ryanair documents, uniform and passes within 3 days.

    She is distraught, undetstandably, that the bubble has burst on her dream. Ryanair won’t even fly her home to her home country. They claim they will pay a week’s wage but as she is still waiting to be paid anything, we’ll wait and see if that happens.

    Having joined a few Facebook groups for Ryanair training bases, I am amazed that Crewlink Ireland (the company who employ most cabin crew for Ryanair) are still sending candidates on training courses, one started today 9 October, the same day my daughter was made redundant.

    My daughter joined the union last month due to ongoing uncertainty with Ryanair and we feel that given Ryanair’s no movement on the ultimatimum, she has been singled out along with other crew also with the union to be removed from their books.

    They treat their customers like cattle rushing, you on a cramped plane, rushing a “service” through the cabin, before spitting you out at your destination, to quickly check nothing has fallen off the plane before doing it all again. It now transpires that Ryanair do the same with their staff!

    No wonder staff feel they have to fight for some sort of rights. My Daughter should have earned approx 8000 euros a year base salary and 8.50 euro per hour flying time. Crew are legally limited by the Civil Aviation Industry to a maximum of 900 flight hours per year. So even if they are allocated the maximum 900 hours in a year, their staff will only earn just over 15000 euros a year. The staff are in fact only being allocated between 8 and 12 hours per 8 day period, on average meaning they hardly earn enough money to live and survive.

    My daughter has been told she has to continue to pay the rent on her accomodation until 27 November by her landlord so will lose more money.

    Thank you Ryanair for shattering my daughter’s dream, and I will never book another Ryanair flight again along with the hundreds of friends and family of my daughter. No wonder there is a drop in customer confidence and drop in bookings.

    I will use Eurotunnel to come and bring my daughter home thank you very Much Ryanair!!!!


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