Ryanair staff preparing for actions

Sunday, an ultimatum unions had sent to Ryanair expired.

Ryanair staff at Eindhoven Airport now plans to take action. They protest against the closure of the Ryanair base at Eindhoven Airport.

Unions had sent the Irish airline an ultimatum. Now this ultimatum expired, a committee is being organized to prepare actions. It is still unclear what kind of actions will be taken.

Last Monday, the Irish budget-airline announced it will close its base at Eindhoven Airport per 5th of November 2018. According to Ryanair, this closure would be just for the winter months. Unions and staff are not so sure.

Ryanair announced its four aircraft, will leave Eindhoven Airport. Flights to and from Eindhoven Airport will be operated from other airports. Cabin crew stationed in Eindhoven is angry about these plans. The Dutch union FNV Luchtvaart finds Ryanair’s plans also unacceptable.

In recent months, Ryanair personnel in various countries participated in actions and strikes. The Irish price fighter said that these actions are the reason for the winter closure of its Eindhoven base.

According to Eindhoven Airport, the closure will cost around 100 to 150 jobs.

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Source: Studio 040

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