Course in recognizing and helping confused people

In Eindhoven’s neighbourhood Gestel, a course prepares residents to help recognize psychological problems among fellow residents. This course enables residents to offer help.

The course is part of a new approach towards a safer neighbourhood. In addition to paying attention to, various nuisances , confused behaviour has now been added to a priority list.

In the Netherlands, more and more neighbourhoods are having to cope with confused residents. Yet often, people have no idea what to do.

A first meeting took place at Gestel, last week. The course is called “First aid for psychological problems”. Members of Eindhoven’s GGZ gave residents and entrepreneurs all kinds of advice on how to deal with people who appear confused.

Advice ranged from how to establish contact, to how to support confused people. Course attendants also learned when to contact professional help. For in some cases, encouragement to seek professional help may already suffice.

Residents also learn how to act when coming across a confused person who is experiencing a crisis. According to the municipality, this ensures worse can be prevented.

“My brother began to use more and more drugs. He became withdrawn. Then began to neglect himself. He no longer fulfilled agreements with his employer. Local residents in his neighbourhood increasingly approached me about the nuisance he caused. I felt responsible, but didn’t know how to talk to my brother about his problems. After attending this course, I managed to talk to my brother. Listening without judging, supporting and encouraging people to seek help, eventually led improvement and understanding”, says one of participants.


Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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