LPF: Crisis in Eindhoven

Eindhoven’s political party LPF claims the city is facing a crisis.

LPF wants the Dutch Minister of Justice and Security to develop a concrete action plan to ward off this crisis. Representatives of the local political party, posed questions during a council meeting.

The party’s claim that there is a crisis in Eindhoven, results from two separate incidents during the past weekend.

Drug-related incidents

Saturday evening and Sunday morning vans containing drug-waste were discovered along the Offenbachlaan in Eindhoven.

The LPF now claims, the safety of Eindhoven citizens is in danger. According to representatives of the LPF, Eindhoven’s municipality can barely cope with drugs incidents. This is why the LPF wants the Dutch Minister of Justice to pay a visit to Eindhoven’s council, to personally explain what measures will be taken to cope with this crisis.

As described in earlier posts on Eindhoven News during elections, Eindhoven’s LPF is a local, right-wing political party.

Mayor Jorritsma: ‘Lethal action of idiots’

Mayor John Jorritsma is also shocked by this weekend’s incident along the Offenbachlaan in Gestel. Earlier, he called the fire a “life-threatening action of idiots”.

Police chief Frans Heeres agrees with him. Words such as reckless, brutal and unacceptable are used by both men. Jorritsma visited the scene at the Offenbachlaan, during the weekend.

Two separate incidents

Saturday evening, around 23:00, a van loaded with drums containing waste form a drugs-lab were discovered along the Offenbachlaan. A red fluid was leaking from the van, streaming across the street and disappearing into the local sewer system. This incident posed little danger to the neighbourhood.

Once the clean-up work had been completed, however, a second van was discovered nearby. It had caught fire; or had been set on fire.

This van was parked next buildings and also contained drugs-waste. This situation was deemed highly dangerous. Inhabitants of twelve apartments were evacuated.

Source: Studio 040

Mayor Jorritsma’s reaction
LPF: Eindhoven crisis


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