Eindhoven marathon: Kirwa, Assafe, Robi favourites

Kenyan Kirwa, Ethiopians Assefa and Robi are the favorites for winning this year’s Eindhoven Marathon.

The organization expects that at least one of the three participants will set a time of two hours, six minutes. Kirwa came second last year in Eindhoven, finishing in 2:06.13. Assefa and Robi also finished in times of just over two hours and six minutes.

“Since 2014, winners of the Eindhoven marathon managed to complete the course within an average time of 2.06:26. But only if all conditions like the weather, are excellent. However, their finishing times ensure Eindhoven’s marathon is among the ten fastest marathons in the world”, states director Marc Corstjens.

The marathon will take place next Sunday. Of course there are the professionals; but apart from them, over 23,000 amateur-runners will also participate.

Make sure you line the course and applaud them too!

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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