Marks of Pride and Beauty

“Marks of Pride and Beauty” is a special exhibition on beauty and pride, despite scars.

It opened Sunday and runs till Friday 12th of October 2018. The exhibition is to be found in Eindhoven’s former V&D building.

The photo exhibition shows people with permanent skin damage. Photographer Jan van Beijnhem wants to show the beauty and pride of people, despite having permanent skin damage.

All photos prominently exhibit scars. Van Beijnhem started to make portrait photos of people with burns over two years ago.

He aims to show how beautiful victims are, despite their scars. The photographer also hopes, his portraits of proud and beautiful people will help increase understanding for people with scars.

“Marks of Pride and Beauty”, a special photo project of Photostudio XL, Utrecht. It shows forty large portrait photos. As mentioned above, it is to be found at Eindhoven’s former V&D building in the center of town until Friday.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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