Nuenen concert to help Sulawesi victims

Sunday, a special concert will take place at “Kerkelijk Centrum de Regenboog” in Nuenen.

The concert is organized to help raise money for victims in Sulawesi. The Indonesian island was hit by earthquakes, followed by a tsunami.

The death toll is now fast approaching 2,000 victims. Many more survivors need help.

Reason for Paul Weijmans, from Nuenen, to take action. He will give a concert playing his grand piano Sunday.

Previously, former alderman Weijmans organized a special concert to raise money for victims of hurricane Irma on Sint-Maarten. At the time, the special Giro 555 was opened for donations as well.

Giro 555

Donations go to special account Giro 555 of the Dutch SHO (Samenwerkende Hulp Organisaties). The SHO is a co-operation of Dutch branches of international aid-organizations. Among them is for instance, the Red Cross.

The SHO uses Giro 555 to provide humanitarian aid to people in disaster areas. The public is informed about a specific emergency situation and what aid is needed.

SHO actions, with Giro 555 opened, are often accompanied by major radio and television actions. Dutch radio and television stations then broadcast special programs, dedicated to raise donations to help fund urgent aid.

Giro 555 is only open for donations for specific actions and for a limited period. Private persons, as well as larger efforts can donate small and large amounts of money during such a period.

Source: Studio 040


Translator: Kate

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