What is your experience with Dutch schools?

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How accessible is regular Dutch education for children with an international background?

This is precisely what the Dutch Ministry of Education is trying to determine. They are conducting a study (in English) about this. This governmental department wants to improve the services for international employees. They are, therefore, interested in expats’ experiences regarding the education of their children.

This research aims to get a better insight into expat families’ preferences when it comes to schools. They also want to determine what problems arise during selecting and enrolling in a school, albeit Dutch or international. With this, they want to try and find possible solutions to help internationals overcome these barriers.

If this is relevant to you, please fill in the “What’s your experience with schools in The Netherlands?”  survey. It should take about 10 minutes. Your answers will be strictly confidential and the research results will not be traceable to any one person.

Source: MIP

Photo: www.ncee.org

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