Meerhoven school to hold International Kinderfeest

Children and their parents living in the Meerhoven suburb of Eindhoven are invited to Basischool ‘t Slingertouw in Meerhoven on Monday, 2 July.

On this day, this school, in partnership with Korein Kinderplein, will celebrate the International Kinderfeest. This celebration will be held at the school’s Grasland location, c/o Grasklokje and Sliffertsestraat. There will be a number of stalls and workshops, as well as musical events. Children will be presenting their handicrafts and there will be food from all over the world.

Please contact the Meerhoven Internationals Platform (MIP) if you would like to prepare food from your own country. You are welcome to man your stand and explain something. Or leave a card saying what it is and go have fun.

MIP will have a stand on the day. You can also let them know if you are willing to present something – a workshop on something typical related to your country, a dance performance, a musical piece, and so forth.

The event starts at 15:00 and ends at 16:30.

Photo: Basischool ‘t Slingertouw website

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