Shots fired in trailer camp, no casualties

In the trailers camp along the Welschapsedijk in Eindhoven, shots were fired just before midnight, Sunday evening.

A window of one of the caravans was destroyed. It had twelve bullet holes. Fortunately, nobody was injured.

The camp was immediately sealed off. Police started an investigation. They wore bulletproof vests.

Police were searching for traces and other proof left behind. Residents were questioned. Nobody as been arrested yet.

Police stated: ‘Our forensic investigation specialists will check the location of the incident to see, if they find specific traces and evidence. Of course, we will talk to people from the neighbourhood to ask if they saw or heard anything.

‘People who think they can help are asked to contact 0900 8844 or @M08007000’; Politie Oost Bragant, (@policeob) 22nd April 2018


Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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