Fontys students present milestones in PULSED project

On May 17, May 30 and June 14 and 26, Fontys PULSED students will present their innovative technical solutions, acquired through entrepreneurial learning programmes.

Fontys PULSED  facilitates learning environments, accessible and challenging, through which children, students, and employees from the Brainport region can improve themselves as a person and professional. In the TEC (technology, entrepreneurship and creativity) learning programmes, they actively work on the development of innovative (technological) solutions which will improve the living environment of our world. The goal is that TEC becomes a self-evident competence for all Fontys students.

New balance

In order to continue to develop yourself as a world citizen and a life-long learner, you need a number of basic skills, tactics, human knowledge, cultural understanding and other tools. At Fontys they believe that this requires a new balance in the current educational system. A balance in which natural talents are recognized, acknowledged, and developed and that they are the starting point to master generic competencies.

World citizenship

At PULSED they carry out a 20-week education programme for international participants. They learn to behave like social entrepreneurs and make a better world with Future Solutions. They facilitate a learning environment where people from outside can be part of if they want to share their knowledge or just want to make friends and have a great time as a foreigner in Eindhoven.

On the following days the students will present their milestones of the project:

  1. Presentation concept: Thu 17 May 09:00 – 13:00
  2. Presentation prototype 1 for TEC-masters: Wed 30 May 09:00 – 13:00
  3. Presentatie prototype 2: Thu 14 June 09:00 – 13:00
  4. Launch end product for TEC-masters: 26 June 09:00 – 15:00

They challenge you to get started with future solutions and to shake up the participants and widen their view by confronting them with your world.

You are most welcome at our location on the TU/e site (De Lismortel 25, building S3, floor 3).

Send a mail to or contact them by phone on 0683980675 if you like more information.


Edited for Eindhoven News by Irene Martens

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