Girl bitten by unleashed dog

A girl in Tongelre was bitten by a dog. The Stafford was not leashed by its owner. The girl went to the GP for a check-up.

The police are still looking for the owner and the unleashed dog, reports the police on Twitter.

The Stafford belongs to the Terriers. It is a medium-sized short-haired breed. Formerly they were bred for dog and bullfighting. After these fights were banned, they are bred as pets only.

Source: Studio040

2 thoughts on “Girl bitten by unleashed dog

  1. How many people still need to be bitten before the governments realise that these breeds must be banned altogether?! We are fined for going 20 km/h too fast, for not sorting the waste properly, for taking our kids from the daycare for a week—all those things are really dangerous for the society! And Staffords and similar dogs are walking in the streets together with their barely reasonable owners!

  2. My cats are microchipped. So, should be the dogs. If the ID was available the owner would be known and stand legal charges.

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