Unemployment decreases, welfare increases.

Unemployment decreases, welfare increases.

Unemployment in the Eindhoven region is decreasing. In 2016, eleven percent fewer benefits were paid compared to a year earlier. The number of people on welfare has increased in the region.

Because of the economic recovery and large demand for ICT, technical and logistics personnel, unemployment is decreasing in Southeast Brabant. These sectors are well represented in the region. Still, the number of benefit claimants is rising in and around Eindhoven.

Councilman Staff Depla of Work and Income says the increase has several causes: For example, the abolished Wajong scheme (special benefits for young people), increased pension and retirement age, and it’s more difficult to guide people to work from a welfare situation than from the WW (Unemployment pay). Eindhoven also has taken in five hundred ‘status holders’ (Refugees with a residence permit).

As more people find jobs, the municipality is fully committed to helping people on welfare. WIJEindhoven helps people reduce their distance from the labor market. Whether they are in unemployment or welfare, or get no benefit. Everyone is welcome, the organization stresses.

Werkleerbedrijf (work placement company) and WIJEindhoven are working closely together. Previously, it was a requirement for people to speak Dutch in order to apply for the work placement company. WIJEindhoven now offers, together with Werkleerbedrijf and Stercollege, practical courses in Dutch.

Once people have followed a Dutch course, they continue to work with Werkleerbedrijf of Ergon to, for example, work on their presentation, curriculum vitae and digital skills.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Cyril C

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