Library in MetaForum TU/e temporary only for TU/e-ers

Only students and employees of the TU/e (Technical University of Eindhoven) can make use of the study areas in the library in the MetaForum. This way these places are guaranteed to the University’s students, during the exam period, report TU/e

Since the opening of the library in the MetaForum in 2012, it proves to be a favourite place to study, not only for students of the TU/e, but also students from other schools and universities. In principle, not a problem, says the TU/e, but in the exam period many TU/e-students are unable to secure a place to study. This, of course, can not be.

Therefore visitors of the library must show their campus card to gain access for the time being. Educational institutions in the region are informed of the measure. The measure will stay in place until February 3rd 2017.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Maurice

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