Another 24-hour strike at DAF

From 12 o’clock last night DAF employees are on strike again. This strike will alos last for 24 hours. The unions FNV Metaal and CNV Vakmensen have called for the strike.

The reason for the strike is a conflict about the collective bargaining agreement, as a result of which the negotiations have stalled. The unions want higher wages and better working hours for the employees.

Last month, staff members also refused to attend work for 24 hours, but since then the situation has not improved. On the contrary. The unions accuse DAF of hiring additional staff in order to limit the damage caused by the strike and of violating safety regulations by having unauthorized personnel operate forklifts.

In addition, DAF would force their employees to work overtime tomorrow, to compensate for the damage caused by the strike today. The unions stress that DAF is not allowed to do so.

Source: Studio040

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