All about movement in this year’s GLOW

GLOW 2014 will start tonight. 20 Light objects are waiting to be admired by even more than 520.000 people (the amount last year). The installations all showcase an element of the theme “City in Motion”.

Yesterday was the evening for press and special guests, also a try-out for the mostly ingenious structures. Artists were proud and excited to show their interpretation.

The route this year leads from the city centre past the Vestdijk eastwards through the villa park, bird quarter, along the rail road track to specifically emphasise the topic ‘movement’, and back into the centre towards the market square and Stratumseind.

Opposite the GLOW café is the first and immediately very impressive light installation from Michel Suk. He is using the DELA building’s massive façade as a canvas for the kinetic light sculpture ‘Statemachine’. Twenty-four giant spotlights that can rotate and tip have been mounted along the facade. Very intense especially with the alien like sounds.

The show inside Augustijnenkerk is worthwhile paying and sitting for. For 15 minutes you are literally immersed in a world of colour, shapes, movement and patterns of light and therefor you feel like you are inside a kaleidoscope. One of the artists duo Sabine Weissinger calls it a meditative show. You certainly will be swayed away.

The route through the Merellaan requires a read through the extra information because by just passing by the houses you see stillistic paintings in black and white. And only by going to their app you will get clarification on the image and in the end you know a lot more about the development of Eindhoven through the gathered collective memory of the residents, according Iris Dijkstra from ‘Atelier (studio) LEK’.

Mechteld van Wezel from Eindhoven365 did a good job in organising this pre tour. Har Hollands was the curator leading all the press around during the 3 hours tour. The scoop of this tour was that for the first time the press tour was in English, other press from Italy and the UK was present too.

Besides the prominent GLOW tour there are many activities like GLOW NEXT at Strijp S where you will get even more insight in the art of light. Technicians, artists, designers and choreographers among others work together to show light is more than a light bulb.

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Irene Martens
Photo: Ionut Coman

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