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D66 has always strived for an inclusive and lively city. A city where everybody feels welcome and free to be themselves. We want Eindhoven to grow into the vibrant, big city that it deserves to be.

The Brainport eco-system of high-tech businesses has a great potential to do that. But this is not just a workplace. An actual big city needs bustling nightlife, lively restaurants and bars, cultural hangouts and lots of different events. In short, places and events provide energy and opportunities that attract creative and adventurous people.

With the Covid-epidemic, nightlife, theatres, bars and restaurants have been closed in large parts of the last two years. But even in times pre-Covid, the nightlife had quite limited opening hours. Not because they chose to or because there was no demand for later hours. In the eyes of D66, it is a narrow way of thinking and fears that do not always match reality. That’s why we proposed a pilot to test out 24-hours opening for specific venues. D66 will continue to convince those holding on to limited opening hours, which does not make for a truly lively city. 

As our city grows and diversifies, nightlife should reflect that. Also in the way that nightlife is open to everybody and that everybody feels safe. Women, the LGBTQ community and people of different backgrounds should all feel welcome and safe.

Every big city should have something cultural for everybody to enjoy. That’s why D66 is glad we have great musical venues, interesting museums and a welcoming library. But we should also support smaller organisations and new initiatives to diversify what the city has to offer and nurture upcoming talent. D66 is open to expanding the cultural budget to make this possible. Cultural education in all schools is also on our wish list. This is also a great way to get to know the many different cultural backgrounds of the people living in Eindhoven. 

D66 candidates- Tom Brouwers, Jorien Migchielsen & Volkan Memis (left to right)

Not all cultural life consists of institutions. We also have fantastic events in Eindhoven, like GLOW, the Dutch Design Week and Carnaval. D66 wants to make it easier to organise events, big or small. The municipality should facilitate initiatives and make it easier to get a permit. It should be easy to know for organisers where they can turn to with their initiatives and questions about rules and permits. 

Eindhoven is also home to the Design Academy and lots of designers. Designers and artists need space to experiment and create. We are glad the municipality has a studio policy. D66 would like to intensify the city’s efforts and make sure both budding and established artists and designers can find affordable spaces. We would also like to make design much more visible in and around the city centre. 

Many cities around the world experience the same growing pains as Eindhoven. They are especially felt in the housing shortage. We see ridiculously high prices in housing, both for sale and rental markets. Too many young people can’t afford to live independently and are forced to live with their parents. Seniors who’d like to move to something smaller and more accessible are unable to find good senior housing. 

Some political parties choose to blame certain groups of inhabitants, whether refugees or expats. D66 thinks this is reprehensible. We should all be able to find a place that feels like a proper home. That’s why D66 wants to build more and especially more affordable housing.

We need to build at least 3000 houses a year.

We need to build houses that fit the demand of our inhabitants.  We should build houses of all types and categories, for students, young people and seniors. 

We want to keep renting out rooms to students by individual landlords possible, in addition to bigger social housing for students. And we need to build more student housing. There is also a great need for more senior housing. This way we can stimulate movement in the housing market, giving young people a chance to buy family homes that have become too big for seniors. We see a great demand for more affordable housing. That’s why we want 30% of all newly built houses to be social rent housing. But we also want to make way for collectives who wish to build together. 

Growing into a big city seems like a big challenge, but it also comes with lots of opportunities.

D66 wants to face the challenges, seize the opportunities and make sure that there are equal opportunities for everyone. 

Written by: Jessica van Eijs Campaign leader, D66 Eindhoven

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