‘Never knew it was so much fun here’

genneper parken
Genneper Parken - a great place to go while you're on staycation in Eindhoven. Photo credit: Eindhoven News Media Library

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many people aren’t holidaying abroad. They are, instead, doing fun things in their own neighbourhoods.

The Genneper Parks, for example, are an ideal environment for such a ‘staycation’. You can hike, cycle, play mini-golf and see animals. The Genneper Parks are perfect for those at home who still want to get a bit of a holiday feeling.

The Genneper Watermill looks like a postcard, with a cute ice cream truck standing just in front of the bridge. On the grass, people are lazing in the sun, and it’s teeming with walkers and cyclists.

Genneper Hoeve

At the Genneper Hoeve, at one of the picnic tables, a father and his daughters are killing time. They are a little bit on holiday in their own country now, they say. They will be leaving in a few days. To go caravaning in Belgium.

But first, they must wait until Mom’s on holiday too, hence the afternoon on the farm in the park. One of the girls, Fien, rechecks the eggs, even though she has done so before today. It is starting to bore her a bit.

It’s a good thing that they can also go on a real holiday – the caravan in Belgium is more fun than staying home. “I can sleep in a bunk bed there, and not in a bed near the ground”, says Fien.


At the miniature golf course, the terrace is packed, and the courses are all occupied. An Eindhoven couple thinks this place is a fantastic discovery. “We actually live only a kilometre away from here”, says the man, laughing.

“For 20 years! And this is the first time we’ve been here. We didn’t know it was so nice.”

Normally the couple would be in Spain around this time of year, but, of course, that didn’t happen. And they can do without it for a year. “We’re having a great time here.”

On course five, two teenage mini-golfers easily hit the ball into the concrete ‘hole’. They’re also on holiday at home. “Friends of ours went away. They have a very cool apartment, close to town, on the top floor with a roof terrace.”


“We’ve been allowed to housesit there for a week now”, one of the boys says. Did he not go abroad for fear of the coronavirus? “Not necessarily afraid, but we just don’t know if it’s wise.

“Because you don’t know what will happens while you’re there.  Will you have to go back? Could you even go back?”

Even without a miniature golf course, it can be good to be home. In a street, just a stone’s throw away from the Genneper Parks, loud music can be heard. A man is humming while cleaning his big grey car, with his favourite song, blaring from the speakers.

“Lovely”, he says. Is he also on holiday at home? “Well, you can’t really put it that way”, he says. “I’m retired, so I’m always on holiday”.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven


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