Strijp S mural to serve as a reminder

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Photo credit: Studio040

A lasting reminder of an eventful time. The corona crisis inspired many an artist to write a poem, take a photo, make a drawing or express themselves in some other way.

That’s also the case with the Eindhoven street-artist, Pim Bens. He painted a mural. It’s metres up on the facade of the Machine factory on Strijp S.

The text fragment on the facade comes from the poem,¬†‘Eindhoven, Eindhovenaren’ by former city, poet Merel Morre. It reads:

Eindhoven, Eindhovenaren (Eindhoven, people of Eindhoven)
Hier zitten we (Here we sit)
staan we (We stand)
Hier houden we (Here we take)
even halt
(a moment to stop)
Hierbinnen verzinnen wij (Within us we think of)
morgen (tomorrow)

It reflects on the eventful period the city has gone through. A time in which the coronavirus pandemic determined the rhythm of each day and caused so much suffering. When life on the street practically came to a standstill for weeks.

Basis of video

That’s clear in the video city marketing firm, Eindhoven365. made months ago. It was intended to support all affected and involved residents. Morre’s poem also formed the basis for this video.

Eindhoven365 then commissioned Pim to paint this mural of the poem. He applied the huge ‘mural’ to the front side of the building – a fragment from the poem against the background of the city’s logo, the zigzag-vibes. Building owner, Trudo, supported the initiative and was happy to make the wall available.

“It’s a historic place in the city, which is also easy to spot”, Bens explains the location’s choice. Also striking is the sober character of the work – this time, not a colourful eye-catcher from which the colour splashes, but a monochrome image, only made up of black and white.

It’s about the text

The street artist says, “It’s mainly about the text. The rest is subordinate to it. It shouldn’t draw attention away from it”.

After quite a few hours of work on an aerial platform, Pim and some helpers finished to work. Those who drive up Strijp S from Mathildelaan can see the ‘mural’ soon after passing the large chimney.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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