Mother’s day musings during the pandemic

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This pandemic demands a lot from everyone especially mothers. They are the givers, backbones of the family and the pivots of civilization I dare say.

Families lie separated now. Grandchildren who tugged along with their parents to hug nana are getting impatient while the adults are also caving in. Yet, nana can only smile, wave and maybe receive flowers. It’s even more difficult for families living far away from each other. That should be as always for them, right? Unfortunately not…though the distance hasn’t changed, the circumstances have. Each fearing for the other and above all fear of not being able to hold each other forever.

Parents of young children, single moms, moms in the frontline, moms who’ve lost paychecks, moms who cannot feed their children – their hardships eclipse most any silver lining. No doubt this pandemic has robbed something out of everyone but it an unnoticed way it has left us with an opportunity to realise the still. We have all learnt to slow down. If at all this Mother’s day does remind us anything, it is the reminder to cherish our memories and treasure them.

photo credit: Unsplash Liana Mikah

If you are a thirty-plus something mother then this Mother’s day could quite be an unusual one. You cannot help feel the roller coaster of emotions. One minute your acting you didn’t notice that “surprise” gift waiting for you and the next you get lost pensively about the well being of your mother.

The true heroes during this Mother’s day are the moms in the frontline, especially those in the healthcare. They work relentlessly even though the dagger of disease constantly dangles over them. Their families agonise the phrase “what if”. Little children spend their nights home while their moms toil tirelessly in their stuffy PPE. The best gift for those families this year is spending time together and above all knowing that they are all safe.

Stay safe and protect the vulnerable!

For Eindhoven News: Beena Arunraj

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