Eindhoven News founder Irene Martens in FRITS Top women

Irene Martens, founder and chief of Eindhoven News is nominated in the FRITS Top 50 women of the region. Irene has moved up 5 places to get to 45 on the list.

FRITS Magazine

FRITS magazine is the city lifestyle glossy magazine. In 10 years it has become the most circulated bi-monthly glossy in the greater Eindhoven region under the leadership of Hans Matheeuwsen. FRITS has created a unique niche for itself with the TOP 50 category nominations. Every year the Top 50 influencers in both the ladies and the gentlemen are chosen and ranked with the help of an internal jury. The ranking and nominations have stirred immense interest and expectation in the region. One lady on the list confides “the first time, you are happy to be on the list, the next time you are nervous until you know that you are nominated”.

Irene Martens


Indeed, it is an honour to be chosen out of a region that has more than two hundred thousand women. Irene has been the driving force behind Eindhoven News since 2011. Since that time, hundreds of international volunteers have contributed to this daily online newspaper and Irene has guided them into their volunteer work and supported them to find a place in the Eindhoven society.

Irene is very involved in all events concerning internationals in Eindhoven.Besides that, she is coaching internationals in career and life challenges and she is executing consulting work in internationalisation for organisations that like to reach the international population in this region. Thank you Marie-José Dekkers, Editor of Frits, for proposing Irene Martens’s nomination. Irene Martens reflects “the team Eindhoven News and the readers have got me here”.

With the new vigour of such recognition, we are energised to serve you even better. Please like us on FB and follow us on Twitter and Linkedin. Thank you, readers. Without your support, this feat is not possible.

For Eindhoven News: Beena Arunraj

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