Status holders get jobs faster

Eindhoven status holders getting jobs, from different backgrounds, perseverance, Yasin Torungolu.
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Status holders in Eindhoven are finding it increasingly easy to find a job. This is shown in figures released by the Municipality.

Years ago, the city was still struggling to find employment for the former refugees, but the tide seems to have turned. Eindhoven now has 1,600 status holders, 1,000 of whom belong to the working population. Four hundred and fifty are currently undergoing training or are employed. A similarly large group are still in the process of being guided before they eventually start working for jobs. The remaining 100 are expected to begin this process next year.

City councillor Yanis Torunoglu underlines that Eindhoven scores much better in this area than most other municipalities. “In the past, we did not do it right. But we changed course successfully in the past two years ago. We are now starting to provide work guidance as quickly as possible. This guidance is in addition to integration and language courses.”

The sooner they find jobs, the better

“After all, the sooner they can get to work, the better they learn the language and find their way in Dutch society. We are also now offering more customised courses, by looking more closely at where status holders can find employment,” says Torunoglu.

Former refugees end up in various sectors that have vacancies. They work in the logistics, hospitality, healthcare, and cleaning sectors. On Monday, another six Eindhoven status holders signed permanent contracts.

These are Syrians who will work as cleaners at ICS in the north of the city. They have been in the Netherlands for between two and five years now. The backgrounds of the Syrians are diverse: from an engineer and car mechanic to catering worker and journalism student.

“I respect these people. They had to leave their country in wartime, and have to build a whole new life, in a country that has a different culture”, says ICS director, Bart van der Sluis. “We desperately need the help. Status holders have a lot of perseverance.”


Translator: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives Dutch lessons in Meerhoven. Click here for more info.

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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