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“There is a high demand but not so much offers” this is according Sander Veenman (Real Estate expert for the past 13 years, Owner of Big5 Relocation and Regio56 Makelaars). Eindhoven News spoke to him about the housing situation in Eindhoven.

As you all know, finding a place to live in Eindhoven is not that easy. Whether you want to buy or rent, whether you know Eindhoven or you are new, whether you are Dutch or an expat, the task is just as complicated.

“Unfortunately, every day we meet expats who think that they can rent a place for a cheap price. They are looking for a big furnished accommodation, sometimes with family with a budget around 700-800 euros. For that amount it’s really hard to find a good place to live, the price of apartments or houses increases every year. Sadly, there are a lot of requests and not so much offers”.

However, Sander doesn’t think that this situation is only for expats: “Dutch people experience this unbalance in need and supply too, it’s not exclusive to expats. We welcome international students but we also have students from the Netherlands who are looking for student accommodation. But again, it’s the same thing, a high demand but not many rooms available. I don’t think that you can find a place more easily if you are Dutch. Not that I know. Eindhoven citizens are used to expats.”

According to him, budget is really important “If you want to find a place “easily”, you need to have a budget of at least 1 200 euros per month, and you should be ok.”

In Eindhoven, a lot of short stay apartments are being built “So if you are not going to work for  more than 6 months in Eindhoven it’s perfect or if you want to have more time to search for a good place. But most of the time people want to stay more than 6 months so they do not prefer to move again soon.

Most of the new internationals like to stay in the city centre, but Eindhoven is a small town and you can find everything relatively close by. So, if you are prepared to a commute a bit, there are good offers five or six kms away from the middle of town.”

We asked him if it was easier to rent or buy: “I think that the selling market is difficult at the moment. Also for expats there are services which are guiding in buying a house. But I think that buying is as complicated as renting a place. It’s obviously depends on your budget.”

Sander even gives us some tips to help you finding your dream place “First of all, search a lot and frequently online and (Pararius, expatrental) but if you have a little budget, I think that involving an agency can be a really good idea. They are receiving twenty replies for only one house but they do their best to find something for everyone.

And the last but not least, choose your month. Don’t search during the summer because it’s really busy at that time. Trying in October and November can be a good idea.”

To sum up the interview, to be more successful in your search you need:

– a budget between 1000 and 1200 euros

– to look also in the areas around and not just the city center

– to search a lot online

– to involve an agency

– Choosing your months and starting to research for a place at least 3 months before.


Photo and text by Charlotte for Eindhoven News

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