Eindhoven as hub for Internet Marketing

Internet is today’s religion and it touches and affects everyone. Whether it is about making social connections, get a repair job done, eating, playing, dating or renting just everything.

When something becomes this important, it starts becoming a way of survival for many. And a very important aspect then gets associated with it: MARKETING.

We are living in the era where internet is used extensively for marketing so much so that every product or service you use today has come to your table through internet marketing. The biggest contribution of internet according to me is the ‘Opportunity it has given to Entrepreneurs’ to bring their dreams to reality. Bloggers, Vloggers, Influencers were never heard professions before and now it is already more than few hundred-billion-dollar industry.

Like the world from No Internet to now, there is one city which is redefining itself from being a traditional farmer place to a tech savvy city. It is the beautiful city of Eindhoven in the province of North Brabant. It is so noticeable that Eindhoven is one of the technical and design hubs in the Netherlands and if a city is Technically and Designically (lol, is there a word like that or I just invented it 😛 ) so strong, then there is no reason it should not become the HUB FOR INTERNET MARKETING.

However, it is a little disappointing to see that so many Creative people, young Entrepreneurs and even established businessmen(women) lack even the basic knowledge of internet marketing. Looking at this situation, I along with my team mates at PagePotato.com (a digital marketing company) have made it our mission for 2018 and 2019 to promote digital marketing in Eindhoven. We plan to do this by organizing monthly Learnshops (learning workshops) and Webinars on various topics related to Internet Marketing. This will be done through our social entrepreneurial platform called Learn And Teach Anything For FREE .

We are searching for Internet Marketers, Bloggers, Digital Nomads in and around Eindhoven, who have worked or are working in any of the following domains and willing to be one of the speakers in our Learnshops.

Influencer Marketing | Content Marketing | Email Marketing | Viral Marketing | Affiliate Marketing | Link Building Campaigns | Social Media Marketing | Blog, Infographic, Video Marketing | Paid Ads and PPC | Celebrity PR | Online Reputation Management | Blog writer | Digital nomad | Special content development

 If you are interested to be one of our speakers or if you know anyone in the related field, then kindly apply or share this link : http://pagepotato.com/inviting-speakers/

Some of our previous workshops can be found here: http://pagepotato.com/workshops-and-webinars/

To never miss our announcements, you can keep in touch via our FB page https://www.facebook.com/pagepotato/

About Piyuesh Modi

Piyuesh works as Digital Marketing Expert and director at PagePotato.com. He is also a social entrepreneur at LearnAnythingFree.com, active volunteer to promote at oneworld-citizens.org. He takes public speaker and training sessions on Entrepreneurship, Internet Marketing, Visual thinking and Jugaad Innovation. In his free time, he likes practicing Salsa, Acroyoga, PoleDancing, Sketch note taking and Painting. All his doodles and sketches can be found@ https://medium.com/@piyueshmodi


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