New place and routine; new people and new limits

We have all enjoyed traveling and discovering new places, hearing new and different languages on the streets; experiencing new things. Whether it would be activities not available in your own country, extraordinary food that you didn’t know it existed, and/or completely unfamiliar faces, looks, and body language.

On the other hand, being obliged to experience all of that on a regular basis and with the inner awareness of it being the constant thing you have to get used to, it’s a completely different story.

Some of you might be here for a specific period of time; others came here without really knowing for how long, or if they will ever be going back home at all.  Many others find themselves here, dealing with daily and regular issues always uncertain of the possibility of ever moving again.

Whichever is your status and reason for being here… here you are now, and this is your day-to-day reality.  And you really need to put up with it, to the best of your ability.  So, how to -easily and effortlessly- welcome big changes into your life?

  • Foster the Growth Mindset on a daily basis: Question and acknowledge yourself both, big and small steps. Every single day. Avoid falling into the trap of “only big things count”; the bare fact of you being able to see what is working and what has been achieved is one of the most powerful -and cheap- tools for self-empowerment that ever existed.  Even if your achievement of the day was only to have learnt how to properly pronounce the streetname you live at or the number of your place. That definitely counts as an achievement.
  • Welcome “Change” with an open, happy mind: Recognize and acknowledge the fact that nothing is ever wrong.  What is wrong somewhere is entirely expected someplace else (e.g. We’re not supposed to burp on the table, but there are places in which you are actually expected to do so to show appreciation for the meal just taken) Having that in mind, know you are entitled to experience everything fist-hand as long as you don’t hurt anyone. Not even yourself.
  • Practice gratitude and deep breathing: Whenever you struggle, because believe me, you will struggle at times, just remember it is completely normal. Give yourself the chance to take a break, even if it is for a couple of seconds -hide in the toilet if you need to- but take a deep breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth two-three times.  And then look for the positive thing, the blessing in disguise, the good thing of the day.  Breathe deeply again and then practice feeling thankful, even if it feels a bit ‘lying’ at the beginning.
  • Stay focused and centered: Deep breathing helps to stay focused in the present moment but if you are not entirely into that then try to connect with your body sensations at the time. Bear in mind you have to focus on your physical awareness and not your emotions, for it can overwhelm you if you don’t practice it often.

Now, if none of these work and you are struggling more often than having actual fun keep an eye out for the next article that will include practical information on how to easily set up for success your adventure into the unknown…

‘Till next time.

P.S.  A disclaimer: You’ll be reading a lot about gratitude and staying focused from me. I will try my best not to be repetitive to boredom, but trust me when I tell you they will make a huge difference for they will uplift you to a place of advantages and opportunities not available for those who don’t practice them.

Rebeca GM


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