The city’s COVID-19 plans so far

Photo credit: EIndhoven Media Library

The coronavirus is wreaking havoc on many aspects of life. The Eindhoven municipal executive has, therefore, decided to get several balls rolling.

Firstly, they’ve decided to set up a social support fund. This fund’s intended for non-certain commercial organisations. These play an important part in the city and are now in financial difficulties due to the corona crisis.

From mid-May, they’ll be informed of how they can submit their application and what conditions apply. The support applies at least until 1 July for cultural, welfare, and sports organisations. The frameworks are still to be submitted to the municipal council.

A start-up emergency fund

Then, some Brainport Eindhoven region partners have set up an emergency fund. This is for smaller, innovative start-ups that fall outside the national schemes. This set-up was done together with the province of Brabant.

The tweet reads, “So proud of our Brainport region and its partners.”

“Bright Move fund for regional, innovative startups is open for applications of between €15K and €30K. Made possible by partners from the Brainport region and the North Brabant province.”

These partners are Bright Move, Incubator 3+, Brainport Development, the Eindhoven University of Technology, Rabobank Eindhoven, Eindhoven City Council, Brabant Startup Fund, ASML, and Philips. The fund will be kicked-off with €1 million. “This is a good example of the public-private partnership in our region,” reads a press release from the Eindhoven Municipality.

The city council’s also been implementing the Temporary Bridging Scheme for Independent Entrepreneurs (Tozo) since 25 March. More than 5,200 applications have been received. The city’s self-employed have received 3,800 advance payments already.

Based on the recently-released final scheme, the municipality may request additional documentation from business owners. “The subsidy amount will be different from the advance that’s been granted,” reads the statement. This is related to further governmental conditions.

An inner-city action plan’s in the making

As reported earlier, “a plan’s being drawn up to ensure a safe visit to the city centre and to get business going again,” says the press release. That’s being done, in an innovative way, together with retail, hospitality, and culture and creative sector business owners and partners. These include establishments such as BIZ, Eindhoven365, and DDF.

Also, non-food items are now allowed on markets again. “The past few weeks have shown that daily and weekly markets can comply with the applicable rules,” reads the statement. “This is being done using extra facilities, good public information, and through supervision and enforcement.”

Here too, an action plan’s being drawn up. Complete markets that comply with the National Health Department’s guidelines will be established as quickly as possible. Each market’s progress will be monitored.

Then, the hospitality industry doesn’t have to pay any council tax for the first half of 2020. Depending on developments, the municipality will consider whether an extension after June is appropriate.

Commemoration ceremony

Today’s commemoration will be done differently. A video recording will be made. Mayor John Jorritsma, his wife, councillors,  and the 18 September Foundation will take part. Studio040 will broadcast this recording, right after the national commemoration on Dam Square.

The video will also be distributed via social media. People were asked to lay wreaths or flowers and photograph it. This was done at a location of their choice in Eindhoven in the run-up to 4 May. A compilation of these photos will also be shared via social media.

Lastly, most civil servants, such as those at the Residents Plaza, have continued working throughout this corona crisis. The necessary measures have been taken for both visitors and staff to be able to do so safely.

Source: Eindhoven Municipality

Translation: Melinda Walraven

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