Council to prepare for the new ‘1.5m economy’

Eindhoven city centre
Photo credit: Studio040

The press conference on 17 April indicated that the country should prepare for a shift to a ‘1.5-meter economy’. The Eindhoven municipality’s discussing plans to see how the city centre can be adapted accordingly.    

The Eindhoven City Council will prepare the city centre for a new phase of the corona crisis. The highest priority’s given to regulate the flow of visitors to the city. The idea’s to have everyone comply with the National Health Department’s (RIVM) measures while enjoying the public space. The adaptation plans will focus on the hospitality, retail, and cultural and creative businesses. 

Also, the municipality’s announced that a marketing campaign’s being launched. This calls for supporting and buying as much from local businesses. The campaign will start on Monday, 4 May.

Source: Studio040 

Translator: Seetha 

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