Many self-employed in financial trouble

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Nearly 4,500 small businesses in Eindhoven have knocked on the municipality’s door for financial aid. Their income’s disappearing due to the corona crisis.

About three weeks ago, Eindhoven’s self-employed could start appealing to the national scheme. “We’ll try to help everyone within four weeks. Extra people have been deployed to make that happen”, Councillor Yasin Torunoglu says.

To date, 1,400 of these people have been aided. The rest have to wait a little longer. Nearly 170 requests have been rejected. For example, the applicants didn’t live in Eindhoven, or their partner had already appealed for help. Or the person in question wasn’t registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

The scheme’s meant for business people who get into financial trouble. They can apply for benefits. For a family, this is €1,500, for single people, it is €1,200. Small businesses who are in dire need of money receive an advance payment from the city council. The legality of this advance will be checked later.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

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