No link found between organised crime and beggars

Image source: Studio040/ Rogier Overvliet

The number of beggars in the Eindhoven city centre seems to have risen in recent months. The municipality of Eindhoven is keeping an eye on the dvelopment, they say, but they see no apparent links between the beggars and organised gangs.

The number of beggars in the city centre is the focus of law enforcement, the municipality of Eindhoven says in response to questions from Studio040. Beggars have been monitored only this year.  Because this is a new policy, it is not possible to establish whether there has been anactual increase.

So far this year, 159 cases of begging have been recorded. These registrations were made both from their observations and follow-up reports of nuisance.

The municipality cannot say why the number of beggars in the centre seems to have increased. “Municipal law enforcers have no way of finding out the underlying problems of beggars”, they say.

As a result, the underlying problems often only become clear when a beggar knocks on the door for care, according to the municipality of Eindhoven.


Translated by: Ayşenur Kuran Edited by Greta


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