Eindhoven residents pitch tents on neighbourhood site

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Since 2013, residents from all over the Netherlands have been meeting each other at De Buurtcamping (The Neighbourhood Campsite). Through this initiative some eight hundred thousand meetings were realised last year, at 53 Neighbourhood Campsites. This year there is also a Neighbourhood Campsite in Eindhoven for the first time. 


The Jacob van Oppenheimer Park will be transformed into an actual campsite for three days. The campsite is inhabited by all the people who live in the area. This makes the Buurtcamping an inclusive meeting place for everyone. One-third of the pitches are reserved for people who live on a minimum income.

Just like on a regular campsite, you are outside a lot at the Buurtcamping and everyone is equal. Go to the toilet with a toilet roll under your arm, do the dishes together with the neighbour and borrow toothpaste. By setting up the campsite together or participating in one of the activities, residents get to know each other better during their stay at the buurtcamping.


“The main objective of the campsite”, say campsite managers ‘De Strijp’, “is to allow people to come out of their bubble: rich and poor, with or without education, with a Dutch or non-Dutch background, everyone meets each other at the campsite! We also offer a holiday for families who otherwise wouldn’t be able to go on holiday”.

The neighbourhood campsite in Eindhoven focuses on Drents Dorp, Lievendaal and ‘t Ven. “In other words, all neighbourhoods bordering on the Jacob Oppenheimer Park. Of course, other enthusiastic residents of Strijp are also welcome.”

Neighbourhood campsite ‘De Strijp’ is open from Friday 25 to Sunday 27 August. You can register as a volunteer or reserve a pitch here.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Seetha

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