Police treatment of press photographer raises questions

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The police officers who took the recording equipment from a press photographer last week are said to have given a statement that does not match the recordings.

This is what the reports Eindhovens Dagblad. Press photographer Rico Vogels from Valkkenswaard, who photographs 112 incidents for several media, was pushed into a police car near an accident on the N2 last week because the officers thought he was in an unsafe place. However, press photographers are responsible for their own safety.

During the incident, the officers then confiscated the photographer’s bodycam because, according to the police, it could contain evidence that Vogels was actually on the highway.  Moreover, Vogels allegedly failed to identify himself as a press photographer.

However, the press photographer’s bodycam continued to record after it had been confiscated. According to the newspaper, a completely different picture emerges from the recordings that the ED news has listened to.


The recordings on the seized bodycam are said to demonstrate that Vogels emphatically made himself known as a press photographer at the beginning of the meeting. The officers only asked Vogels for his press card after he had already been put in the police car.

The police nevertheless state that they will stick to their statement that the photographer was asked for his press card several times. They do concede that the bodycam should have been returned immediately when Vogels made himself known as a press photographer, according to the police.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Yawar Abbas

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